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Panel Discussion: Bio

Panel Discussion

Free Art Felega 4 - Identity aimed to refine the quality of artist education and create critical platforms to discuss controversial topics through an understanding of contemporary art. The development and sharpening of artistic identity is the central focus of this project.
This is how the idea for the media-effective panel discussion "Copy Kills Creativity" arose. Only an open and transparent discussion of this conflict of values enables the treatment and long-term avoidance of a development that destroys values that could only arise due to a lack of copyright and financial incentives at the expense of one's own artistic identity.

Yenatfenta organised this panel discussion in cooperation with the Goethe-Institute Addis Ababa, to give artists an open space to talk about their thoughts and opinions.

Yenatfenta Abate was joined by two guest panelists: 

  • Assistant Professor of Fine Arts Bekele Mekonnen

  • Assistant Professor of Fine Arts Behailu Bezabih

The audience was able to actively participate in the various discussions. 

Panel Discussion: Text
Panel Discussion: Pro Gallery
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