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Free Art Felega 5


Free Art Felega 5 - Disrupt is the first virtual project in the series by Yenatfenta Abate. The basic idea of the concept is based on the focus of life and work of the participating artists in times of CoVid-19 and the reflection of joint work in the context of the social challenge caused by the changing environment. Artists from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and the diaspora with a studio in Berlin, Germany, and Vienna, Austria, are involved.

With Free Art Felega 5 - Disrupt, a virtual platform is being created for the first time, on which artists from previous projects work together, discussing their designs and work results and showing them online in a virtual exhibition.

For the visual documentation of the participating artists and their art works, the internationally renowned photographer Michael Tsegaye was hired.

This project was curated and documented by Dr Verda Kaya.




Virtual Exhibition


All Art Works - Master Group


All Art Works - Identity Group


Yenatfenta Abate


Virtual Work Process

In Addis Ababa, Vienna, and Berlin