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Alemayehu Bekele

Free Art Felega Identity
Free Art Felega Disrupt

"Lack of contact with people and maintaining social distance was one of the most shocking things we have never heard or seen before."

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Architect and String Artist

Alebet string art studio Full time studio artist
I was born in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. In 1986 ec. Learnt in dejazmach wendirad preparatory school at the time Studied art classes in Abyssinia fine art school and enlightment art academy side by side with the regular classes. After passing the national examination I joined Mekelle university graduated from EIT-M (Ethiopia institute of technology mekelle) in Architecture. And I was one of the lucky selected students Worked at EIABC as a student assistant.
As I am a self-taught string artist I teach myself through trial and error. Many of my large complex creations are based on mathematical formula with artistic expression which I want to express my emotions and symbolic representation of the universe.
I always want to express time and happenings in my works, for this the biggest example is one of my work which is called ‘meskerem’ or the first month of Ethiopian year. It expresses how the environment changes into green and become sunny and also give hope for all Ethiopians. As most of my works are an optical illusion, I always enjoy reminding people that the curves they think are created with straight lines of single

Strings connected with one pin to another but they were created with curves of color, it is all in the viewer’s eye. Because when people see circle, they are looking at an optical illusion created by straight lines.
I exhibited my works in group exhibitions like

  •  reading for life in exhibition center

  •  art for peace in millennium hall

  •  big art sell in Hilton hotel

  •  participated in donation of art works in Hilton hotel

  •  Adwa art exhibition in national theatre

  • and so many artisan bazzars.

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