Brook Yeshitila

Free Art Felega Identity
Free Art Felega Disrupt

"Where there is no light in the society, the artist is the light to hope, happiness and prosperity."




  •   2011 Jun at Asni Gallery, title "Triumph of mind over matter" (Group Exhibition).

  •   2012 Nov at Asni Gallery, title "The thirteen months". (SOLO Exhibition)

  •   2012 Sep at Asni Gallery, title "Fikir Ashenafi" (SOLO Exhibition)

  •   2013 Nov 15 at laphto art Gallery, title "Yeneta". (SOLO Exhibition)

  •   2013 at African Union, title "Collection" (SOLO EXhibition)

  •   2014 Nov at Capital Hotel, title "Thank you". (SOLO Exhibition)

  •   2015 Apr at National Museum of Ethiopia,title "Betibeb Eininur"(Group Exhibition)

  •   2017 Jun 15 at Italian cultural institute, title "Peace" (Group Exhibition)

  •   2018 at Sheraton Addis, title "Art of Ethiopia" (Group exhibition)

  •   2018 march 17,Dubai,united arab emiratea, title "Africa...and the other 54 country focus on Ethiopia"

  •   2019 Dec 29 at MaKi interior design and art gallery (Group exhibition)

  •   2019 Jan 22 at Millennium hall, title "Peace" (Group exhibition)

  •   2019 February 23 at MaKi interior design and art gallery title The Grand opening/passion (Group exhibition)

  •   2019 December  at Alle School of fine art and Design Addis Ababa, title "identity" (Group Exhibition)

  •   2020 January 3 at Addis Ababa museum, title "Tebeb Le Selam" (Group Exhibition) with Free art felega identity 2019 group.


  • 2015 Ambassador for Ethiopian eye bank

  • 2016 Ambassador for Sile Enat organization

  • 2016 Ambassador for Cure international hospital

  • 2018 Ambassador for Birhan Le histanat organization

Book Publish August 20/2018 "Yane Sitota" "የ'ኔ፡ስጦታ"



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