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Engedaget Legesse

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Engedaget Legesse Amede is an Ethiopian artist based in Berlin. In 1993 he graduated from Alle School of fine arts and Design, Addis Ababa University from the Mural art department with distinction.

Since his first trip to Berlin in 1997, he has been showing his works in different countries including Italy, England, and America. Engedaget became one of the recipients of DAAD scholarship from 2003-2004 and worked on his projects which made a big impact on his life and artistic practices. From 2004 on Engedaget has been living in Berlin and fathered three lovely kids. In 2005 he has also enjoyed a three months art residency program entitled red carpet in Dallas, Texas.

During his long stay in Berlin, he worked on several art projects in Berlin and within Germany including giving art classes with schools and refugee camps.
Engedaget is now actively working and experimenting on his new project the box in his Berlin studio a place where he made a strong bond since 2009.



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