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Born in 1985 in A.A Ethiopia Meron Ermias currently a full-time artist at A.A named by Mery Art Studio.

Her art education consists of two well know institutions,the Russian center for Science and  culture in Art Studies 

Where She graduated in 2002 and she graduated from A.A University Alle School of fine Art and design in Extension

class 2004. 

She is a successful artist and has sold many of her art works. She won and participated in Geneva for female 

artist competition.

Her work has been seen at A.A Hilton Hotel, Sheraton Hotel (2 times), Tayetu Hotel,Sidam lodge (3 times), Ethiopia National Museum, Juventus Club, Africa Vacation club, Geneve-Switzerland and Washington DC-USA and in 2013 AWIB Women of Excellence in Sheraton it's been sold one of the bast Art work sold by auction and many more.

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