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Mulu Legesse

Free Art Felega Identity
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Educational Background:

Year: October 2016 - July 2019

Specialization: BFA in sculpture

Institution: Ale school of fine art and design Addis Ababa university

Place: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Work Experience

Date: 2019

Occupation held: basic design teacher, fine art teacher

Main activity’s: sculpting and teaching fine arts

Name and type of employer: free art filega

Place: Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Other Professional Experience

2015 American embassy Ethiopia women art competition

2019 - fab lab Ethiopia industrial design project (negeye bahile)

2019 - free art flega identity group project,Addis Ababa,Ethiopia

2020 - Tibeb leselam group exhibition, Adiss Abeba museum,Ethiopia

2020 - we women group exhibition ,radiseon blue hotel,Adiss Ababa ,Ethiopia


Mulu Legesse was born in Addis Ababa in 1993. She got inspired to be an artist by her childhood cause she thinks she spend her childhood with full kids adventure the place she grew up was full of nature everything she does connected to that and every games she play to the nature so this things make her sculpture. To make her dream true she had join ale school of fine art and design in 2016 and she graduated from sculpture department. 

Art Statement

The concept of her work is all about sitting down even if you have to sit down under your funeral sit comely and birth like never birth, there is saying in Amharic "bet kalut mekaber ymokal !" so site down and enjoy the colors of your house ,{family ,peats ,plants even the whole the roof} give a rest to your legs and enjoy the colors

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