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Selome Getachew

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Detailed Qualification:

2017- 2020​​​ Completed Third year in Ale Fine arts and Design School, Addis Ababa ​​​​​University, specializing in painting, Now graduating class student in ​​​​​painting​​​​​

2010-2013​​​ Completed Fine arts education inTVET college majoring sculpture at ​​​​​advanced diploma level

2009-2010 ​​​Completed Fine arts education in Enlightenment fine arts Centre at ​​​​​certificate level

2005-2006​​​ Completed Fine arts education inAbyssinia Fine arts Centre at ​​​​​​certificate level

Practical Experience Record:

During the past few Years, I was able to present my artworks in the following events:

  • Graduation art works in Abyssinia fine arts Centre hall in 2006

  • Group art work in National theatre hall in 2007

  • Group art work in Pushkin hall in 2008

  • Group art work in American Embassy in 2010

  • Took part in fashion show as a model and designer in alliance francaise in 2010

  • Group art exhibition in National theatre in 2011

  • Group art exhibition in Teferi Mekonen School in 2012

  • Took part in children festival in Goethe institute in 2013

  • Free Art Filega Group art exhibition at Ale Fine art and design school, AAU in 1919

  • Identity art group exhibition at Addis Ababa Museum in 1919

  • Identity art group (Women’s} exhibition at Radison blue hotel, Addis Ababa in 2020

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