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My name is Simret Mesfin. I was born in Adiss Ababa, Ethiopia in 1978. I studied for 4 years at Alle school of fine art and design of Adiss Ababa University and graduated with diploma in Mural art (2000). More over I was trained and earned a certificate in Modern Photography at Goethe Institute.
I commenced my professional experience in arts by designing product logo of Abyssinia Filler to Modern Building Industries PLC (A member of MIDROC Ethiopia Investment Group).Upon winning competition, I feel very proud to carry out designing, painting and text writing on 19 walls (double faces) in Amhara Region to GTZPRHE who had set an IEC campaign which is called "Walls of hope", in collaboration with Amhara Regional Health Bureau, where walls were erected at different places alongside the highway from Bahir Dar to Gonder, to Promote Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS education (October-November, 2000).
I improve my professional career by working as Graphics Designer at Central Printing Press (2003-2004). I have been working as art Instructor at Greek Community School, since September 2004. On part-time basis, she serves as Gallery Attendant at Asni Art Gallery.
I love the felling that I get when my soul came close with my painting.It mostly focus on women whom I thinks inspire my art work work due to the double responsiblity leveled on them by mercy of nature and culture of the society. In this regard, I took part in several art exhibitions such as Graduating Students Art Exhibition at Alle School of Fine Arts and Design (2000), Women's Association Group (2003, 2008), Abyssinia School (2004), Bulgaria Embassy (2006), Dams studio (2007), Goethe Institute (2008), and Lafto Contemporary Art Gallery (2012), Laphto Art Gallery on (April,2015), Ethiopian women's art contest at American Embassy (2015) Ababa Museum on December (2016), National Museum on (March 2017), Adiss Ababa Milinium Hall (2019), Big art sale at Hilton Addis Ababa Hotel(2018 & 2019), Art for humanity alliance Ethio-France(2019)
Group Photography Exhibition(2014)
Group Film by Addis in Motion program(2016)
Solo Exhibition
My solo exhibitions are :-
Algeria- in Algerst cultural palaceApril, 2017
Addis Ababa Museum April,2019

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