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Zerihun Workineh

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Work experience

  • Since Mar 22, 2018: Ethio telecom /Marketing Communication Division/ Digital Commu. & GraphicDesign, Graphics Design Specialist

  • Since Jan 11, 2013 to Apr 21, 2018: Berhanena Selam Printing Enterprise, Governmental organisation, Superviser /Pre Press Department/Berhanena Selam Printing Enterprise

  • Since November 02/2007 to August 20/2013: FP-MARCH (Federal Police Modeling and Reinforcement to combat, HIV/AIDS Project) funded by PEPFAR through U.S Center for Disease, Control and Preventation (CDC) with technical assistance from the National AIDS Resource Center (ARC), John Hopkins’ Center for Communication Program (CCP).

  • Designing comic books in titeled ‘”TEWORWARI KEWAKEBET” for print 

       serial dramas 

  • Since September 2002: Master videography photography and computerized editing training center, Privet organisation,            Instructor of graphics design and video editing

  • Since October 2005: SAINT JOSEPH SCHOOL, An academic institution in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Instructor of Fine Art, Head of art Department

  • Since April 9, 2001: CHILDREN AND YOUTH THEATRE Addis Ababa,Ethiopia, Under Addis Ababa city administration culture and information bureau, Artist (Painter), Theatre stage design and Poster.

  • Since June 23, 1999: HAGER FIKIR THEATRE Addis Ababa,Ethiopia, Under Addis Ababa city administration culture and information bureau, Artist (Painter), Theatre stage design and Poster.

  • Since August 24, 1997: TESFA MUSIC & THEATRE ENTERPRISE Addis Ababa,Ethiopia, Privat organisation, Artist (Painter), Theatre stage design and Poster.


  • 2001/02 – 2004/05: of organisation providing education and training

  • Bachelor Degree, Addis Ababa University Fine Arts and Design, GRAPHICS DESIGNER (with Distinction)

  • March 24, 2005: Addis Ababa university fine arts and design, Achieving high grades, Congratulations Award 

  • May 11, 2009: At alliance Ethiofrancace painting competition “27 European capitals, 27 Ethiopian painters”, Group Art Exhibition

  • August 1998: Russia Center for Science and Culture, Group Art Exhibition

  • August 1998: Addis Ababa Theater and Cultural Hall, Group Art Exhibition

  • October  2014: Ethiopian National Museum, Group Art Exhibition

  • May 4, 1998: Christian Aid and its Ethiopian NGO partners, Youth solidarity week, Certificate for participation in poetry competition (first winner)

  • May 22,2003: Sheger circus club, Contribution for art work, Certificate Awarded 

  • June 22, 2004: Medical college, Health in Art week, Certificate of Appreciation

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